Diving Courses on Safari

Learning how to dive with Neren Diving Komodo is FUN! We offer Padi courses from the Open Water till the Dive Master. Give yourself a chance to be a better diver! Our Instructors are all very experienced and they will be happy to share this learning experience with you!

Never dived before?

You can start NOW!


If you have never tried the diving experience you have 2 options:

1) Doing a Discovery Scuba Diving.

A Discovery Scuba Diving is a try dive up to a maximum depth of 12 metres and it’s a one day experience. It’s the perfect choice for people who are not sure they will like to breath underwater and they want to try first, before committing themselves with a proper course.

2) Doing an Open Water course.

The Open Water course is the first course you have to do to become an independent diver.

It lasts 3 full days that you will spend with an Instructor in a group of maximum 4 students.

You will study the basics of diving, learn how to set your equipment up, how to control your air and how to react to emergency situations as well as how to enjoy diving with your buddy, watching the breath-taking underwater life of Komodo.


The course is normally organized like this:

1st day: Theory! It’s a ‘dry’ day during which you will watch videos and read part of the Open Water manual. The Instructor will help you to understand and will organize dinamics to make your study more efficent and at the same time pleasant.

2nd day: Time to jump! You will leave on our Safari boat and enter into the Komodo National Park! In a protected bay you will do a long confined water session and then 2 great dives to a maximum depth of 12 metres. Lunch and dinner on the boat with your new buddies,  sunset from the deck and a night on board! 

3rd day: At the heart of the Komodo National Park! During your third day you will do the third and fourth dive of the course in some of the best sites of this area. You will dive till 18 metres depth and you will realize why Komodo is so famous for its biodiversity! A trekking in Komodo or Rinca will be the last part of your course, in order to spot the famous dragons! Back to Labuan Bajo or one more night on board for some fun diving on the 4th day!

After the 3 days you will get a Padi certificate that will allow you to dive till 18 metres depth wherever!

Time to make a step downward!

Advanced course to get till 30 metres!


The Advanced course is the second course you can do with Padi to improve your diving skills, your air consumption and and to be able to dive till 30 metres depth.

The ratio Students:Instructor is of maximum 4:1 and the course lasts 2 full days.

You will do 5 different kind of dives to experience something different underwater and learn more about this world. Two of these 5 dives will be the deep dive till 30 metres and the navigation dive, the other three will be chosen by you and your instructor according to your needs and interests ( peak performance dive,drift dive, night dive, fish identification dive….).

Both days will be inside the Komodo National Park  and during a 3 days 2 nights Safari or during a 2 days 1 night Safari!



And what about underwater emergencies?

RESCUE course is a MUST

The Rescue course is a course focused on teaching you how to react in emergency situations in and underwater.

It’s a three days course made of theorical classes, confined water sessions and open water sessions. It’s probably one of the toughest courses we offer, a real opportunity to learn something that could always be useful, a must for who wants to become a professional diver.



The Dive Master course is the longest course we offer, 4 weeks of diving inside the Komodo National Park.

This course is made for people who want to become professional divers and so be able to guide other certified divers.

It lasts 4 weeks and it’s a very intensive course.

During the course you will:

– dive a lot ( 3 dives per day if you want)

– learn the dive sites

– learn how to guide people and take care of them underwater

– learn how to do a briefing

– learn how to draw a diving map

– assist a lot of diving courses

– learn how to set up a diving scenario

and much more.

Remember that to start this course you must have done EFR and Rescue course before and you must have 40 logged dives in your logbook.

Change your life: become a Dive Master!