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– Are the park fees valid for one day only?

Yes. Park fees are valid per day and per person.

How long is a diving daily trip?

We normally leave at 7.20 in the morning and we are back at around 5 p.m. Lunch and small breakfast are served on board.

– How long does it take from the harbour to the first dive site?

Aproximately one hour and 15 minutes.

– What should I bring with me on the boat for a diving daily trip?

Just sun cream, a towel and, in case you also do the trekking, trekking shoes and a hat.

– How can I get from the airport till the diving centre?

You can take a taxi and it takes 5 minutes to get to the diving centre. It should cost about 50.000 idr if it’s a taxi, 10.000 idr if it’s a motorbike ( Ojek).

– I am open water diver with not so much experience and I heard that there are strong currents. Can I dive safely in Komodo?

Yes, you can. We do not bring open water divers to the most challenging dive sites and we always start the day with an easy check dive to see how you feel underwater. Moreover our diving groups are small, maximum 4 people per guide, and our Instructors expremely focused on safety! No worries!

– How can I get from my Hotel to the diving centre every morning?

Most of the Hotels in town offer a shuttle service till the town. Unless you are in Waecicu, Sylvia Resort or Plataran ( it takes 20 minutes by car to get in town), it will take less than 15 minutes to get to our place to start the adventure!

– If I am staying in Kanawa, can you pick me up and bring me to dive?

Yes, we can! Let us know by email and we will arrange it!

– Does the price include the diving equipment?

Yes, it does. The price includes BDC, wetsuit, regulator, mask, boots and fins.

– Can I rent a diving computer?

Yes, it’s possible. We rent it for 100.000 idr per day.

– I have a din regulator, is that a problem?

No, it’s not. We will provide you an adaptor and you will not have to do any effort.

– Which is the temperature of the water?

Normally the temperature of the water can move from 26 till 30 degrees Celsius.

We use full wetsuit 3 mm and they are normally fine.

– Which is the best period to see mantas in Komodo?

You can see them more or less all year around, but normally from December to April is when they have been spotted more often.

– How long should I wait between the last dive and a flight?

According to the Padi standards, after repetitive dives you should wait 18 hours. Consider that when we do 3 dives we get out of the water at around  14.30, if you only do the first 2 dives you will be out at around 12.30.

– What could I do if I have a free day after/before diving?

Renting a motorbike and visiting the waterfalls of Cunca Wulang or Cunca Rami, taking a boat and do some snorkeling in Kanawa, relax and have a massage in Flores Spa in Labuan Bajo….

– Are there any beaches around Labuan Bajo?

There is a public beach at around 20 minutes on foot from the main street of Labuan Bajo, but it’s not maybe the best place to have a swim as it’s closed to the harbour… Better to take a boat and reach some good snorkeling spots such as Kanawa or Seraya!

……more questions? Just write us! We will be happy to answer you in one day time!