Our diving equipment is all MARES.

wetsuitWETSUITS: Mares Rover full wetsuits 3mm. From size 1 till 8.

We prefer to use a full wetsuit and not a shorty mainly for safety reasons. The temperature of the water could allow you to dive in shorty most of the times but a full wetsuit can protect you from corals contact, jellyfishes and any other thing that could hurt you underwater.

FINS and BOOTIES: adjustable fins Mares Avanti X3 with booties Mares Classic 5 mm, from size 6 till 12.

We also have one-piece fins if you do not like using boots and adjustable fins, from size 36-37 till 44-45.

bootiesfins-1 fins-2 fins-3

BCD: Mares Rover, from size XXS til XL.


regulator-1 regulator-2 regulator-3

MASKS: Mares Opera, standard size.


COMPUTER: Puck Pro Mares


TANKS:  12 litres, alluminium one, INT attachment.


If you bring your DIN regulator we will provide you an adaptor, no problem!

We do a visual inspection every year in October.

In general every month we stop one day for our “Equipment day” and we check all the equipment and do maintainance if necessary.

If you need all the diving gear, no worries! You are in good hands with Neren Diving Komodo!!