The Best Places to Enjoy the Sunset in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo has some of the most incredible sunsets painting the sky with several rainbow hues. We're here to highlight the best locations to enjoy them.

Indonesia is on every traveler's bucket list of countries to explore. The country is home to friendly locals and beautiful landscapes. Pristine beaches line the coasts, and many islands are easily explored by a short boat ride from Bali. When the sun sets for the evening, everyone is in for an absolute treat. Colors of the rainbow line the sky in a beautiful dance that paints a picture over the city. If you're here during the rainy season, prepare yourself for the prime sunsets that appear.

In Labuan Bajo, due to the many hilly landscapes it boasts, watching the sunset can be a beautiful sight. Many locations overlook the harbor and the small islands surfacing in the distance from Komodo National Park. Get lost in the beautiful scenery of crystal blue waters and lush green mountains. These locations are perfect for a post-adventure dive with NEREN Diving, and post-work Bintang with friends.

Read on to discover the places the locals and expats alike love to relax and watch the day pass into night. We should mention that a scooter is recommended for the time you're here. Usually they range between 50,000 -70,000 IDR / day. That averages to about $5-$7 AUD / day.

Ciao Hostel

Navigate up a steep rocky hill and arrive at a beautiful sunset destination. If you need a place to sleep, a bonus is being able to get a room on a budget. The first floor has a great view of the harbor, and a bar to grab that coveted sunset cocktail or Bintang. Climb up one more flight of stairs, and you'll find yourself overlooking the entire town. You can see the harbor and all the boats coming back in from a day of diving, hanging with dragons, and exploring the surrounding islands.

Tre360 Bar
This lovely place is a hostel called One Tree Hill, as well as a beautiful sunset destination in Komodo. The location is a bit of a drive from Labuan Bajo. (When we do say a drive, it's a whole 15 minutes by scooter.) The drive itself to this destination has incredible views along the way. Rolling hills to the right with views of the ocean on the left provide a sight that any traveller longs to see.
You can see it from a far distance, inviting you to explore the inside. You’ll feel a sense of your childhood coming back to you since it resembles a colourful children’s treehouse. Climb up a few flights and you arrive at a panoramic view of the ocean and hills. Honorable mention that the sun disappears into the hills, but don't let that stop you. Watching the colors unfold above the sea and in front of the mountains is an incredible sight.

Paradise Bar
If you've ever been to Labuan Bajo you know that when the drinks are flowing, Paradise bar is the meeting point. If you didn't go to Paradise, did you really get the full Komodo experience? Most likely not! If this is the case, speak with our NEREN team - we have locals and long term expats that can give you some Paradise advice.

What some people don't know is the late-night club is actually a great place to catch the sunset. This time you'll actually remember your time at Paradise. Grab a drink and enjoy the panoramic view this bar has to offer.

La Cecile
A 15 minute drive outside of town and up a steep hill will bring you right outside La Cecile. There’s not much else going on where it’s located, but this is what makes it more special. Coming up to the location, it doesn’t seem like a high end resort would exist in the hills of Labuan Bajo. However, once you step onto their rooftop deck, the view of all the islands in the distance is quite the sight. 

Keep in mind, with the beautiful views of Komodo, come steep prices at the bar. Be prepared to spend your hard earned cash on tasty food and boozy cocktails. If you want to treat yourself to some self-care with sunset views, enjoy the sunset yoga they offer. Check out their schedule online for dates and times.

Escape Bajo
If you're looking for a literal escape from the hustle and bustle of Labuan Bajo, Escape Bajo is your friend. With views of the docks and the surrounding harbour, you're in for a treat when sunset comes around. It's more of a cafe vibe with western and Indonesian favourites served throughout the day. Grab an iced coffee to wake your senses and sight in time for golden hour.

Catch their live music once a week in the evenings to serenade you and your Komodo mates.

Seasta Komodo Hostel
Right off the main road, on the top of the hill you'll find Seasta Komodo hostel.
If you want to stay in a slightly higher end hostel this is the place to be. Popular among the divers in Indonesia and backpackers alike, you're sure to meet some new Komodo friends here.

The place has a pool, bar and full service restaurant, as well as a huge area to drink, eat, do yoga or just simply hang with your new Komodo mates. The 360 view over the railings is a nice bonus to enjoy while you eat your tasty meal and enjoy the sun falling into the ocean.

Bajo Taco
Fancy some Mexican food while you watch the sun set behind the boats and islands off of Labuan Bajo? This will be the perfect place for you.Climb up the stairs to the top floor and enjoy the view of the harbour as well as the bustling city behind you. The food is reasonably priced and you can order some drinks before the sun goes down over Komodo.

If you’re not feeling Mexican, Bajo bakery will suffice for some tasty treats, coffee and the best smoothie bowls in town. You can still enjoy the view with the shared seating area between the two tasty restaurants.

There you have it, a full week of sunset hunting throughout the island. Be sure to check out all these places and enjoy your time in this amazing paradise! Don’t forget to explore the underwater world of Komodo National Park by stopping into NEREN Diving and inquiring about our daily dive excursions! We have friendly staff and a comfortable boat to suit all your adventurous needs.


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