Overview of Prices

All prices below exclude Komodo National Park Fees

National Park Divers' Fee:

Mon-Sat 275.000 IDR per person/ day

                      Sun/ Holiday 350.000 IDR per person/ day

Rinca Fee:  

115.000 IDR per person/ day

National Park Snorkelers' Fee:

Mon-Sat 165.000 IDR per person/ day

Sun/ Holiday 240.000 IDR per person/ day

Daily Trips

2 Dives
2.300.000 IDR 

3 Dives
   2.500.000 IDR

2 Dives + Rinca
                                                                                  2.500.000 IDR
+ 115.000 IDR Rinca Fee

Snorkeler on board*
1.000.000 IDR

*We do not offer dedicated snorkeling trips! Snorkelers can join if they are friends/ family of our divers on board - subject to availability.



1 Dive Try Scuba Diving

Not an option at the moment

2 Dive Try Scuba Diving

2.750.000 IDR

3 Dive Try Scuba Diving

3.125.000 IDR

Open Water Diver

     7.500.000 IDR

Adventure Dive

800.000 IDR

Advanced Adventurer                                               

      6.900.000 IDR


please contact us for more info


600.000 IDR

React Right

2.750.000 IDR

Rescue Diver

7.500.000 IDR

React Right & Rescue Diver Bundle
9.650.000 IDR


please contact us for more info