The office team

The ones who welcome you every morning and late afternoon, before and after diving. They will check you in and take care of all the paper work with you and make sure all the logistics are set for your perfect day diving out in the national park! 

The dive masters

The ones who will show you all the smallest and biggest stuff you can find underwater here, making you feel safe at the same time!

the instructors

The ones who will teach you how to dive or how to improve your diving skills, who will be patient, resistant, smiling all the time, underwater and out of the water…heroes!

The equipment team

The ones who make sure that all your equipment is on the boat, that some spare one will also be present and that everything will be clean every afternoon. What would we do without you?

The boat team

The ones who drive the boat, check the weather conditions and the engine, fill the tanks, help you gear up and who prepare your meals…the heart of the diving center!