Diving in Komodo: Why it Should Be at the Top of the List

You've been in isolation for too long to count and you're looking for somewhere to curb your dive enthusiasm. Look no further - beautiful Komodo National Park!

If you’re a diver, you’ve definitely heard the rumors of the beauty Komodo National Park holds. The ride alone into the National Park is a sight in itself, can you imagine the underwater world?! Picture incredible landscapes lining turquoise ocean waters on either side of the boat as you approach this natural wonder. Lush green islands (during rainy season) poking out from every corner holding the beauty that lays underneath them. If you can’t picture it, take a look at our gallery to give you a good idea. 

It's no secret that Komodo has some of the largest biodiversity in the world. Reefs are overwhelmed with hundreds of fish species and marine life darting back and forth from soft to hard coral. Move closer to the coral and look between the soft coral blowing in the waves to find some amazing macro life. Keep your eyes peeled for the massive reef mantas that may cross your path while you’re admiring that rare nudi in its home!

Not to mention, Komodo holds some of the healthiest corals in the world. We're not sure why you wouldn't want to visit after being stuck at home for this prolonged period.

Komodo is Part of the Coral Triangle
The coral triangle is an area in the ocean located in the pacific between southeast Asia and Oceania. The water hits Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor. Six countries!

When diving in Indonesia, sometimes the coral triangle spoils us for the best marine life possible. It’s no wonder Komodo boasts healthy reefs that line the coast! Which brings us to our next point.

Healthy, Bright, Soft and Hard Coral

A growing number of reefs around the world are completely damaged from coral bleaching, climate change, over-tourism, and several other factors. Yearly, the number of reefs affected by this are rapidly increasing.

Being in the most diverse waters in the world, Komodo boasts a palette of healthy, colorful hard and soft coral. If the coral was this healthy before COVID-19 shut down the world, we think we’ll be in for an absolute treat after this much needed pause!

Currents in Komodo
The currents in Komodo are a direct result of the tidal flows between the Pacific and Indian ocean. They’re at their strongest when the earth’s gravitational pull is at its height. This happens after a full and new moon.

These strong currents are not only exciting for divers to flow alongside, they also bring an array of diverse marine life along with them.Turtles line up at Siaba Besar taking turns gliding through the underwater world, while mantas flock to the cleaning stations for an afternoon polish up. Some days, if you're lucky, you can see a school of mobula rays in perfect formation passing through.

Mantas, Mantas, Mantas

Have you ever encountered this magical sea animal, the manta ray? Your first experience diving with them is nothing short of magical. They are much larger than you expect, with a wingspan of up to 3 to 3.5 meters for reef mantas.

Mantas are highly intelligent and curious creatures. They possess the largest brains of all species of fish. It's not uncommon for them to swim right up to you, as they love to play amongst divers’ bubbles. Remain floating in one spot and the mantas will come directly to you. It is vital to ensure the mantas come to you and not vice versa. They can out-swim you by a mile, and they'll vanish into the blue rather than towards you.

         When is the Best Time to See Mantas?

In short, the best time with the highest number of mantas swimming about runs from December to March. During this time you'll experience mantas by the masses passing through.

This is the time of year when their main food source, plankton, is in full bloom. The water temperature drops significantly during this time, so we recommend coming prepared with a thick 5 mm wetsuit. No one likes to end a dive because they are too cold.

Full Day Diving in Komodo Trips
If you're going on a dive holiday, you'll want to get the most amount of diving possible out of the short period of time you have allotted for your trip. Here in Komodo, the boats leave early in the morning and return to the harbor late in the afternoon.

This gives you the chance to accomplish three dives in one day. If you're staying for four days, that's already 12 dives! While you’re here you might as well broaden your dive knowledge and take a course with NEREN. We offer a variety of certifications from open water to divemaster, to help you take your diving to the next level!

         Day in the Life

Diving in Komodo is a full-day affair. You'll meet at your designated dive shop around 7:00 AM. Once every guest arrives, you'll embark on a short walk to the harbor to meet your crew and boat for the day. We'll set off from the harbor and make our way towards Komodo National Park. Usually around a 1.5-hour-long journey, you can bask in the beauty that Komodo holds before jumping into the underwater world.

Before the first dive, the crew will go over safety and emergency procedures. They'll explain the sea life you'll encounter, and how to behave while underwater. They'll also go through the dive site in full detail while ensuring you're comfortable before you jump in.

Between dives, you'll enjoy some fresh snacks. Our onboard chef will prepare a delicious meal for you on your second surface interval. Before you know it, dive three will be over and we'll be cruising back to Labuan Bajo to enjoy the sunset!

Labuan Bajo for Dry Days
So, what can you do if you're not exploring the underwater realm of Komodo National Park? There are plenty of places around the city to grab a bite to eat and admire the harbor from above. Some of our favorites that you can catch the sunset from are, Bajo Taco and Ciao Hostel!

But I'm a Mermaid and I Need Some Sea Water in My Life

         Not to worry! Rent a scooter, and make your way over to Waecicu Beach. Beautiful views await you, and you can 

         work on your tan from the sand, rather than the dive boat this time.      

Friendly Locals

Labuan Bajo is a beautiful island full of local Indonesians that are some of the friendliest faces. The crew on our boat is all Indonesian and you'll always be greeted with a smile. They are constantly excited to meet new faces, and will go out of  their way to make your stay memorable. Don't be afraid to say hello to them - they're always curious about us divers!

Learn a few phrases in Indonesian, and they'll be even more excited to interact with you. Not to mention the local food that you'll be able to indulge in. Pop into one of the tables set up on the side of the road, and for a whole $2 USD you'll be able to indulge on some tasty local fare.

Come Dive in Komodo After the Borders Open Up!
Our boat, crew and fish friends are waiting for you to explore once the pandemic settles down. Stay safe at home and enjoy time with family. Once the world re-opens we would love to see your happy diving faces!


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