Kura Kura

the boat we use for Safaris.

The KuraKura ("Turtle" in Indonesian) is our safari boat. It’s a traditional wooden boat with an inboard engine. 23m long and 4.5m wide it offers a very spacious dive deck to prepare for our dives comfortably. It has 3 points of water entry via giant stride. The crew will be assisting you where they can!

You will find lots of space to chill during surface intervals and to discuss the day’s highlights during dinner. Either on the shady bench in front of the captain’s cabin, on the bow of the boat in the sun, or on our massive sun deck with mattresses and beanbags. There is a dry room cabin with 4 single beds, outlets to charge your devices and enough storage space to safely organize your belongings. We have a roomy bathroom with toilet, shower and sink on board. All your meals will be prepared freshly in the kitchen by our own chef! You will have a choice of sleeping in the cabin (by availability) or on the top deck of the boat.